"THE SPACE BETWEEN" - Exhibition

Opening Night: Friday 3rd November 5pm 

Exhibition Dates: Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th 10am to 4pm

Drawing on artistic references that have inspired humans for time immemorial, Bella Bonazza’s latest body of work – The Space Between – is an exploration of moments: moments of time, moments of transition, moments that capture the fleeting beauty of the world around us. Inspired by symbols of ancient mythology and tokens of religiousness and intrigued by our continued connections to them in a post-modern reality, Bonazza seeks to invite us into a world absent of the fear of the unknown. In times of flight and flux alike, we are reminded of the power of human connection as a remedy for the continued challenges of a changing world. This exhibition is accompanied by a range of bespoke one-off furniture items designed in collaboration with friend and fellow-Hawkesbury creative, Ben Woodbury of Manor on George.